Cheers to designated drivers

Cheers to designated drivers

Client: Delta Corporation Limited

Agency: All Things Comms

Managing Director: Cathy Omoregie

Associate Creative Director: Phenias Machila

Associate Strategist: Tanitta Matiringe-Tshiangala

Associate Digital & Conceptual Copywriter: Tinashe Venge

Year: 2022


Recognizing the dangers of drunk driving, Delta Beverages, a Zimbabwean beverage company, launched the “Cheers to Designated Drivers” campaign in 2022. This initiative aimed to tackle the issue through a two-pronged approach: raising public awareness and normalising the concept of designated drivers.

Capitalizing on social media, radio and press advert to educate the public about the consequences of drunk driving and encourage responsible choices. This multifaceted approach not only garnered significant social media engagement but also led to a notable rise in designated driver requests and a positive shift in public perception. Delta Beverages’ campaign exemplifies the power of such initiatives in fostering a safer drinking culture.